Camps/Clinics Information

Our scheduled camps and clinics run from September into June (customer demand dictates ending date), with the exception of our fall ball programs and specialty leagues.

“What is the difference between a camp and clinic?”
A clinic is a one day event which may be offered on several different dates. Each group of clinics (hitting clinics, pitching clinics, fielding clinics etc) is structured with levels. Players should continue taking the same level until they have mastered the skills in that level. Our instructors will assist players in deciding which level meets their current abilities, and will be most beneficial for them. They will also inform the player when he/she has “passed” the level and is ready to progress to the next level.

Our camps are a multiple of days training in progression. For example our Fall Instructional Camp was several weeks long. In this time players focused on fielding techniques as well as building upper arm strength. Each week the lesson progressed and skills learned the previous week were applied and then built upon.

Baseball Camps

Softball / Fast Pitch Camps & Clinics